Multi-Dimensional Transformation & Healing

A Bespoke Transmission is a channeled stream of healing and wisdom codes that pertains to your unique soul signature and evolutionary path. Each session is a finely tuned and angelically guided bespoke experience that is a blending of channeled guidance, intuitive energy healing, holographic recalibration, a quantum facilitation of a deeper connection to your Soul and Divine Guidance, shadow integration, regression, and plant essence support. 

Chella Ferrow


Chella is an intuitive healer and facilitator based in New York City. Her gift is a vivid alchemy and synthesis of over 20 years of working with masters and teachers in physical and non-physical realms. She draws from the living library of Africa, where she was born, as well as the rich teachings of our stellar and angelic ancestry. She is a conduit for the Love and Divine Intelligence that is ever available as a source of miraculous healing and transformation. 

chella ferrow bespoke transmissions

"I am a guide in the healing and integration process that is being led by your own Soul. Thus, I facilitate the shift that you yourself have already activated by your request and intention to heal and expand through L O V E.

We are multi-dimensional beings, living out a composite of many layers and dimensions of experience, much of which are being driven by unconscious aspects of self. When we are in pain and struggle, there is always information to be found on the soul level that will uncover what is hidden, and provide the healing codes for wholeness and resolution so that we may live as joyful, fulfilled, radiant beings aligned with our unique purpose and deepest heart's truth.

I am eternally humbled and amazed at the miracles that are possible in this sacred quantum work that is so powerfully and gracefully guided by the Divine Intelligence that we are all a part of.  It is my great joy and honor to be of service to you."